Corrigendum: Vojta Approach Affects Neck Stability and Static Balance in Sitting Position of Children With Hypotonia

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Int Neurourol J. 2022;26(3):258-258
Publication date (electronic) : 2022 September 30
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1Department of Physical Therapy, Graduate School, Kyungnam University, Changwon, Korea
2Department of Physical Therapy, College of Health Sciences, Kyungnam University, Changwon, Korea

Int Neurourol J 2021;25(Suppl 2):S90-95

In this article, the IRB number was incorrect. The correct IRB number should be IRB: 1040460-A-2020-043.

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This study was conducted after approval by the Research Ethics Committee of Kyungnam University (IRB No. 1040460-A2020-043).

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