Fundamentals of Clinical Trials. 4th ed.

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Int Neurourol J. 2013;17(2):96-96
Publication date (electronic) : 2013 June 30
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Clinical trials are no longer limited to big centers and to leading experts in each respective field. Instead, it is now expected that a clinical trial is performed whenever possible by anyone who wishes to report a quality result. Consequently, we are also facing more results from clinical trials than ever before. Therefore, it is essential for physicians and healthcare providers to understand the principles involved in the design, implementation, and analysis of clinical trials. This is to not only execute a clinical trial in a correct manner but also to understand and make an informed decision on whether the report one reads deserves attention. Fundamentals of Clinical Trials is an excellent source that covers from question selection, study population and design, reporting to ethical issues. It truly covers the fundamentals that one needs in order to understand the workings of a clinical trial. The examples of published materials from various medical fields clearly illustrate the key points from each chapter. Moreover, each chapter is sequenced to match a clinical trial and can be easily referenced to one’s needs during a trial. In summary, this book is a great source for not only experts who may wish to review the basics but for anyone who is starting to get involved in clinical trials.

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