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Fundamental Science for Neurourology
Effects of Age and Multiple Vaginal Births on Lower Urinary Tract Structure and Function in Nonhuman Primates
J. Koudy Williams, Karl-Erik Andersson, Shannon Lankford, Gopal Badlani
Int Neurourol J. 2023;27(1):55-62.   Published online 2023 March 31
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Updates of Overactive Bladder in Pediatrics
Jisung Shim, Mi Mi Oh
Int Neurourol J. 2023;27(1):3-14.   Published online 2023 March 31
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Clinical Investigation
Is the Reference Electrode Location Important for the Electromyography Evaluation of the Pelvic Floor in Urodynamic Studies?
Ali Tekin, Murat Pehlivan, Sibel Tiryaki, Ömer Barış Yücel, Uygar Bağcı, Hasan Çayırlı, İlker Zeki Arusoğlu, İbrahim Ulman
Int Neurourol J. 2022;26(4):325-330.   Published online 2022 December 30
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A Study of Urodynamic Parameters at Different Bladder Filling Stages for Predicting Upper Urinary Tract Dilatation
Lei Lyu, Ya Xiong Yao, Er Peng Liu, Yan Ping Zhang, Hui Jie Hu, Feng Ping Ji, Qing Song Pu, Xing Huan Yang, Qing Wei Wang, Yan Wang, Jian Guo Wen
Int Neurourol J. 2022;26(1):52-59.   Published online 2022 March 31
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Role of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation in Treating Children With Overactive Bladder From Pooled Analysis of 8 Randomized Controlled Trials
Huanqin Cui, Yi Yao, Zhunan Xu, Zhenli Gao, Jitao Wu, Zhongbao Zhou, Yuanshan Cui
Int Neurourol J. 2020;24(1):84-94.   Published online 2020 March 31
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A Possible Pathogenic Linkage Among Headache, Migraine, and Nocturnal Enuresis in Children
Pietro Ferrara, Livia Dell’Aquila, Giacomo Perrone, Giulia Spina, Francesco Miconi, Valentina Rapaccini, Ester Del Vescovo, Vincenzo Di Lazzaro, Alberto Verrotti
Int Neurourol J. 2016;20(4):311-315.   Published online 2016 December 26
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Melatonin’s Effect on the Efficacy of Desmopressin in the Treatment of Enuresis
Pietro Ferrara, Annamaria Sbordone, Costanza Cutrona, Francesca Ianniello, Chiara Guadagno, Giacomo Perrone, Antonio Chiaretti, Alberto Verrotti, Vincenzo Di Lazzaro
Int Neurourol J. 2016;20(3):203-208.   Published online 2016 September 23
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The Relations between Enuresis in Childhood and Nocturnal Polyuria Syndrome in Adult Life
Halil Ciftci, Murat Savas, Adem Altunkol, Halil Öncel, Ercan Yeni, Ayhan Verit
Int Neurourol J. 2012;16(1):37-40.   Published online 2012 March 31
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